A balm for mind and body, our signature contrast therapy taps into the most elemental of forces: fire and ice, to stimulate our most sensory of organs: the skin.

How it works? Contrast Therapy at The Asa Maia

Ancient Naturopathic Medicine

How it Works?

Optimise healing with this simple but effective therapy

A form of centuries-old hydrotherapy rooted in ancient naturopathic medicine, contrast therapy works by heating up the body and cooling it down in swift succession. Also known as hot-cold immersion, the simple yet effective action of switching between extreme temperatures induces rapid changes in your circulatory system to promote healing. How? By enlarging and narrowing the capillaries, which alternates blood flow between your body’s internal organs and extremities. It also works on a physiological level by manipulating the body’s pain gate pathways to bring about relief to people enduring chronic pain.

Health Benefits at The Asa Maia
Health Benefits at The Asa Maia

Supporting Injury Recovery

Health Benefits

Hot cold immersion is a balm for mental and physical health

No longer the preserve of A-listers and modern-day athletes, contrast therapy has captured the imagination of the wider wellness community too. The benefits of repeated immersions in hot and cold temperatures go beyond supporting injury recovery. By stimulating both the immune and circulatory systems, this healing modality can reduce inflammation to ward off illness, improve sleep patterns, boost your metabolism and aid detoxification by flushing out harmful toxins. Contrast therapy can also improve your mental and cognitive health. All that endorphin and adrenaline production serves as a mood elevator, whilst the activation of a cold shock protein can help regenerate damaged brain cells.

A DIY Therapy at The Asa Maia
A DIY Therapy at The Asa Maia

Ancient Healing Practice

A DIY Therapy

Our resort brings contrast therapy to Uluwatu, Bali

The Asa Maia’s 21st century take on this ancient healing practice is a luxury wet therapy version, courtesy of our subterranean 7.5°C cold and 40°C hot pools. The cadence and timing of each hot-cold session is important, as is keeping sufficiently hydrated. We recommend starting the therapy with heat and concluding with cold (unless you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis). Alternate between spending two minutes in the hot pool, followed by 60 seconds in the cold pool. This sequence should be repeated 3-6 times over a duration of 20-30 minutes. If you would prefer some professional guidance, our resident contrast therapist Sy is available for coaching sessions.

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