Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or exercise novice seeking support and supervision, our trusted trainers are on hand to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Gym Equipment at The Asa Maia
Gym Equipment at The Asa Maia

Countless different positions

Gym Equipment

Work towards your fitness goals in The Asa Maia’s stylish gym

Open 24-hours, our fully equipped gym is located in The Asa Maia’s serene central pavilion. It’s outfitted with a treadmill, power rack, barbell, kettle and dumbbells, slam balls, a stepper machine, a TRX system and a Pilates Cadillac. A highly versatile piece of equipment resembling a four-poster bed strung with ropes, pulleys and fluffy stirrups, the Cadillac is also known as a Trapeze Table. This celebrity-loved tool provides a full-body, low-impact workout, enabling you to tone almost every muscle group by using your own body weight for resistance. Exercises can be done in countless different positions, be it sitting, standing or lying down.

Personal Training at The Asa Maia
Personal Training at The Asa Maia

Individualized training plan

Personal Training

Bespoke classes compliment our 360 approach to wellness

The Asa Maia’s one-on-one, hour-long fitness sessions can cover everything from evaluating your physical strengths and weaknesses, to demonstrating how to use specific equipment safely and setting attainable goals. Whether you want to gain muscle tone, lose weight or improve your performance for a specific sport, our instructors can provide you with an individualized training plan, that can also be incorporated into our retreat packages. They may tweak your already established routine to make it more effective, or switch up your gym regimen so you can get more out of your workout. As well as coaching you in cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercise, our trainers can be a tool for change; motivating you to challenge yourself beyond your trip to Bali.

Practitioners at The Asa Maia
Build strength and body control at The Asa Maia

Build strength and body control


Your mental and physical health is our priority

Sy – the resident Personal Trainer at our resort – mentors and instructs individuals ranging from fitness newbies to pro athletes. His tailormade workouts are underscored by the principles of the Ultimate Riders™ Academy: to condition, build strength and body control, prevent injury and eliminate pain. In his own words he says “with consistent commitment we create a stronger drive to accomplish our achievements, which will allow you to become impenetrable to the challenges you face.” We aim to “deliver the highest standard of coaching and guidance throughout any training plan, so that you reach your transformation goals as quickly and as safely as possible.”


Improve body awareness


Learn how to strengthen your core with confidence

A low-impact exercise focused on building core strength, balance and flexibility, pilates is suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. By engaging the entire body, no muscle group is overlooked or underused. Not only can the practice stabilize your core, but it can improve body awareness, support postural alignment and bolster bone density as well. Best of all, the movements exert minimal stress on your joints. Our in-house pilates instructor and Uluwatu adoptee Daniela is a trained sports scientist from Brazil who’s coached professional dancers and surfers. Meanwhile, The Asa Maia’s more challenging Cadillac pilates classes are led by Daniela: a multi-talented therapist who also practices Thai Yoga Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy.

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