Tailored to the individual’s skill level and experience, our yoga practices will help you find your flow, whether that be perfecting your posture or cultivating inner awareness…

Uluwatu's soul-nurturing nature
Uluwatu's soul-nurturing nature

Uluwatu’s soul-nurturing nature

Our Shala

Find harmony and heal in the soulful center of our resort

Believed to pre-date organized religion and belief systems, the 5,000-year-old practice of yoga continues to bring enlightenment to its followers to this day. We understand that everyone’s journey looks different, which is why our full-service, luxury yoga and meditation shala has been designed to foster healing on every plane: spiritual and emotional, physical and mental. The retreat’s spiritual heart, it’s a place without judgment where we encourage you to realign, reconnect and restore. The unique space is in fact a modified century-old Javanese residence crafted from teak, and capped with a bamboo shingle roof unique to Bali. Crowning our main pavilion, it affords sweeping views of the soul-nurturing nature here in Uluwatu.

Types of Yoga at The Asa Maia
Types of Yoga at The Asa Maia

Awaken your divine energy

Types of Yoga

Choose a class according to your mood and energy

Our practices incorporate four main types of yoga that touch on everything from mindful movement to chakra balancing. A slower-paced session combining balance and strength-building holding poses, Hatha is a grounding style of yoga. The ancient healing practice of Kundalini, meanwhile, is designed to awaken your divine energy through a combination of breath (pranayama), mudras (hand movements), chanting and meditation. For a more aerobic and dynamic practice, we invite you to try Vinyasa, during which sequences flow from pose to pose with synchronized breathing. Focused breathwork is also a hallmark of Yin yoga. Rooted in Taoist teachings, asanas are held for anywhere from two seconds to five minutes to target your deeper connective tissues and fascia.

Practitioners at The Asa Maia
Practitioners at The Asa Maia

Worthwhile your wellness journey

Our Practitioners

Our dedicated team of teachers live and breathe yoga

Our team of trusted and supportive yoga practitioners each bring something meaningful to the mat and worthwhile your wellness retreat journey. Sporty types will sync with Daniela’s unique practice - designed to build strength, balance and recovery in high-performance athletes.

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