October 9-12, 2022

This retreat is designed to help you recover faster and stronger, increase your body's range of motion and flexibility, and maximise your athletic performance, resulting in much reduced long-term discomfort and injuries. OUR SESSIONS TOGETHER were designed to provide the most essential routine for recovery following long training sessions and IronMan Competition, since we are aware that your passion is your sport, not Yoga. The programme employs holistic practises (Aryuveda) consisting of functional core movements, restorative postures, breath work (Pranayama), and meditation to help you restore the range of motion in your back, spine, joints, and throughout your body.

About This Retreat

  • Rest and recover your physical and mental batteries that need to be recharged.
  • When you take the time to reset and recalibrate your body, you ensure your long-term performance, prevent injuries, and reduce aches and pains.
  • Our focus is on restorative practices employing the Indian traditions of yoga, Ayurveda, and spa treatments combined with a modern sauna, subterranean hot and cold plunge pool, saltwater infinity swimming pool, and healthy and clean food prepared with love, luxury accommodation, and other facilities.

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Recover faster and stronger!



Athlete Revival Yoga trains high-performance athletes in yoga, breathing, and movement techniques to improve quality of life, results, and performance.

"The focus of my work is so that athletes do not feel pain. With the special design of my classes, my athletes can train without limits, gain strength, endurance, balance and recovery - becoming everyday warriors at high performance and achieving their best level." - Andrea Alvarado


Rest and recovery its essential to charge your physical and mental batteries , when you take the time to reset and recalibrate the body you are ensuring your long-term performance, stay away from injuries, eases aches and pain

  • 3 Nights accommodation in heritage Gladak house.
  • Daily a la carte menu (3x Breakfast, 2x Lunch, 3x Dinner) & Unlimited in-room fruit bowl, snacks and non-alcoholic mini-bar
  • 1x 90 minutes Signature Massage
  • 1x Spa Treatment Except Biologique Recherce Facial)
  • Daily Morning Restorative Yoga practice: Restorative practices are the Yin to your natural Yang. Special postures for upper body holding for long period of time that allows the fascia to be stretched and recalibrate posture . The fascia requires a longer time to stretch and is present all over the body, if it’s tight, it can cause skeletal misalignments that may results in join pain, headaches and even depression.
  • Ayurvedic Recovery Practice. Using essential oil, tennis blows and breath work, we go deep into muscle relaxation.
  • Special class design for athletes recovery. Special postures for lower body holding for long period of time, ending the class with powerful breathwork and meditation. Working into physical and mental body.
  • Unlimited access to wellness facilities; Himalayan Salt & Infrared Sauna, Subterranean Hot and Cold Pool and 24 hour Gym

And as always with The Asa Maia bespoke approach, you can custom tailor your program with additional spa, movement or mindfulness sessions.

Facial treatment


"As a European Champ IRONMAN Triathlete, I already have to train for three sports: Swimming, cycling and running. But I would never have thought that yoga with Andrea, of all things, would lift me to a new level. Thanks to yoga with her, I feel better prepared before triathlon training and much more relaxed and regenerated after the sessions. An example: When swimming, I experience a whole new feeling in the water because I have much better stability in my entire body. I feel fitter despite hard training, and I also get
through hard weeks injury-free. And thanks to yoga, I am much more relaxed - even a 20-minute session helps me find peace and cope with exhausting days at work. I'm glad to have discovered yoga with Andrea and wouldn't want to miss the Yoga sessions again."  Anna Lechowicz @triathlon_anna

"Athlete Revival Yoga has been a light in the darkness! After hours of swim, bike and run training all week, making time for stretching was a low priority. I decided that I would improve my balance and flexibility with yoga. I was new, so I searched and tried a few different types, but none of them resonated with me. I kept becoming bored disinterested very quickly. Then, I found Andrea, and I discovered a new love. With her patience and structured guidance, I’ve increased my balance and flexibility. More importantly, however, I’ve found an activity that constantly challenges me and leaves me feeling joyous and energized." Chris Tubbs @journeytoironmantexas

Yoga mat pose

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Holistic Practices at The Asa Maia

Signature Breathwork

Breathwork plays an extremely important role in the Asa Maia, daily morning breathwork sessions are available for all guests, and private or group coaching is also available on request. The Asa Maia’s breathwork program can be customized to fit the needs of any guests, from increased fitness capabilities, stronger immune responses, and emotional trauma release.

SOMA breathwork during wellness retreat in Bali

Infrared Sauna

Like Yin & Yang. Complementary opposites. The infrared sauna uses light to relax, detoxify, provide muscular & joint pain relief, improve circulation and cleanse skin pores.

Infrared sauna at the spa

Ice Bath & Hot Tub

The ice bath completes the process by reducing inflammation, improving immunity, balancing hormones and improving sleep. Complete your hydrotherapy experience with a soak in the hot tub.

spa exterior

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Accommodation for Your Retreat Stay

10 Guest Suites

Curated In Comfort

  • Our 10 guest suites have begun their second - if not third - lives. These century-old wood structures are known as Gladaks: traditional, hand-hewn, vernacular Javanese homes.
  • Following an inspired architectural intervention, they are now outfitted with expanded fenestration, high-end bath fixtures, traditional Indonesian hand-poured cement tiles, copper or Belgian Bluestone bathtubs, imported linen bedding, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, Bose sound, custom furnishings, and original art. The once-humble Gladaks are now fully ready to become your sanctuary.

Resort Amenities

  • Gathering area with fire pit
  • Spacious stone-clad, salt-water pool
  • Open air lounge area
  • Reverse-osmosis filtered tap water
  • Open air dining and bar area
  • Koi pond
  • Guest library
  • Yoga and meditation shala
  • Full-service spa
  • Cold and hot pools
  • Infrared sauna
  • Fitness center

What’s Included in Your Retreat

  • Accommodation in heritage Gladak house
  • Daily a la carte menu
  • Unlimited in-room fruit bowl, snacks and non-alcoholic mini-bar
  • Signature Massage
  • Spa Treatments (Except Biologique Recherce Facial)
  • Breathwork and Contrast Therapy Session
  • Daily morning yoga session
  • Daily mid-morning healing movement session
  • Daily afternoon healing movement session
  • Session with Healing Practitioner
  • Nightly meditation
  • Unlimited access to wellness facilities; Himalayan Salt & Infrared Sauna, Subterranean Hot and Cold Pool and 24 hour Gym
  • The Asa Maia's Signature Gift

Why Us?

  • The Asa Maia is deeply committed to cultural and environmental responsibilities.
  • The property strives to be in harmony with the way of life and traditions of local communities
  • Endeavor to minimize its impact on the environment in every possible way
  • Adhering to a common-sense code of responsible everyday environmental behavior.
  • The resort is first and foremost a wellness retreat
  • Offering transformational experiences and programs to guests who are on their wellbeing journey.
  • Home-like comfort, resort-like ambience
  • A home away from home, in a carefully designed resort-like atmosphere.
  • The service level you desire
  • You choose - if you would like to be pampered at every step, or to be left in total privacy
  • Choice locations
  • We are located in the beautiful area of Uluwatu in Bali.
  • This area has a unique vibe and energy compared to the rest of the island.
  • Our beaches and surf are the best Bali has to offer.
  • The Retreat itself is a short walk away from the beautiful Thomas Beach where you can laze around on sun beds or go for a meander.
  • Value for money
  • We will always offer exceptional value

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